A report on contaminants in agriculture was authored by Trinity Global Enterprises, LLC. Fungicide in cannabis oil has been linked to vape injury and death by a national news report. This Public Service Announcement (PSA) is intended to create awareness of the root cause of this growing world health epidemic and to inform consumers.

Be aware.

You or your loved one’s life may depend on it.

How to assist in this cause:

  • Read and share research on mold in agriculture and cannabis PlantSTDs.com

  • Read and share the press release

  • Consumers: watch and share the PSA video COA to CYA

  • Agriculture Growers: Lab analysis indicates Conibo Organics highest in purity; listen on the Robert Scott Bell Radio Show airing on Natural News Radio. Watch and share the PSA growers’ video COA to CYA

  • Agriculture Growers: Contact Us if you’ve used any of these brands of coconut substrates: B’Cuzz, BioBizz, Botanicare, Conibo Organics, Royal Gold Tupur

  • Contact Us for COAs and laboratory analysis used in the report and PSA

  • Share Reddit post with those who can benefit from this information


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